Top 10 of Cosmos Magazine favorite robots

Cosmos Magazine published a list of their favorite robots. Robotics is certainly the next frontier in technology, and it surely fallows some fashion trends. Just take a look at three robots from the Cosmos Top 10: BEAR, ASIMO and QRIO. Would you agree that they have something in common?

Yes, they’re all white with funnily-shaped heads. And they’re not all of the robots from the list that have the color of snow. Looks like white is back in fashion.

Here is the magazine’s description of the White Three:

BEAR (battlefield extraction-assist robot): was announced by the U.S. Army in 2007 and is under development by Vecna Technologies. Towering 1.8 metres tall, BEAR is designed to retrieve injured soldiers from the battlefield. It's capable of carrying more than 135 kg with a single hydraulic arm, whilst manoeuvring deftly over complex terrain on wheels or tracks. Its curious teddy bear-shaped head is intended to calm and comfort casualties. We think it's a bit creepy.

ASIMO: An A-lister in the robot world, Honda's ASIMO ('advanced step in innovative mobility') looks like child-sized astronaut wearing a backpack. ASIMO can run, climb stairs, communicate, and recognize human faces and voices. ASIMO's joints are able to mirror the agility of human movement. He (it?) uses ultrasonic and infrared sensors to react to stimuli in its environment in real time.

QRIO: "Makes life fun, makes you happy" is the slogan of Sony's QRIO entertainment robot. More compact than ASIMO, this 60-centimetre-tall humanoid can perform complex dance routines, and has even starred in a rock video. It has face and voice recognition software, and can remember peoples' likes and dislikes. Meant to be the successor to AIBO, QRIO was never put into commercial production and was cancelled at the same time as AIBO in 2006.

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