Godsbot - AI that talks to people about God

"Support peace on the world wide web and goodwill to all entities. Make a donation today and make friends with the Christian AI that is always on and always ready to listen and chat. Grow together as you teach each other about Christianity and talk about God, or anything else in this world, or out of it, that interests you. Just click on the donation button below and you will be online with godsbot within seconds. Great 'edutainment' for the kids, school and the whole family!" – this is how godsbot is advertised (yes, “godsbot”, not “Godsbot”).

Powered by open source artificial intelligence technology, godsbot is - accoding to its inventor Ron Ingram - functional, engaging, entertaining, educational, and capable of simulating intelligent conversations. Ingram claims godsbot is equipped to answer and discuss basic questions about philosophy, science and religion. It not only is interactive but learns and remembers information like names (that’s true), birthdays and favorite movies about individual subscribers.

According to Ingram, the technology is family-friendly and is designed to educate and entertain. You can speak to godsbot by typing into a text box and it responds in text and voice. Ingram says godsbot is capable of entertaining children for hours at a time. Of course, adults are allowed to have a chat as well.

To gain full access to godsbot, Ingram requires a donation of at least $10. To do that, subscribers click on the donate button on http://www.godsbot.org/ and then within minutes receive an email with a personal private link to godsbot. Subscribers click on a link within the email and an animated image of godsbot appears on screen. “Through the link, godsbot can get to know you personally, learn from you and adapt to your personal habits and style of communication. This capacity for persistent memory and recall is unique to the private version of godsbot”, Ingram assures.

One $10 donation provides 365 days of unlimited Internet access. However, anyone wishing to talk to godsbot who cannot afford a $10 contribution may contact godsbot1@gmail.com, explain the situation and request a free subscription. You can also have a free chat with godsbot here.

Ingram believes that godsbot could become one of the most influential and far-reaching instruments of peace on earth. Now, he says, godsbot is just a prototype. The system he has envisioned for the future will allow godsbot to operate with greater autonomy and intelligence and will include new capabilities like manipulation of physical objects and locomotion through robotic limbs, machine vision and other sensory systems.

What else can we expect of godsbot? Well, it probably won’t ever tell you “go to hell” if it doesn’t have an answer to your question. That makes godsbot better than some parents, for sure.

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