AVATOU – an avatar made for fun or business purposes

Wanna have your own talking videoavatar? Now you can create it on http://www.avatou.com/. It takes just 3 easy steps. You can also choose a cartoon version. Ready?

Step 1. Decide if you want to have a cartoon or a video avatar. Then get your Avatou a body, hair, eyes, lips, cool clothes and gadgets. If you want to create a videoavatar, you can choose from a bunch of funny templates.

Step 2
. Add dialogue (create your own or use templates) and voice recording – you can choose whether to record an audio track or to generate voice. The dialogue templates are categorized into “greet”, “auction”, “dates sex”, “blog”, “mottos”, “jokes” and “photos”, depending on the purpose you want to use your Avatou for.

Step 3. Publish your new avatar wherever you want – on your blog, messenger or website.

AVATOU (beta) is run by InteliWISE Ltd. The website is of social character and is co-created by its users who utilize it for communication, meeting people or exchanging information. By creating your avatar you become a member of the Avatou community, where you can, for example, rate other people’s avatars. But it’s not only all about fun - InteliWISE AVATOU is also a solution for every Small or Medium Business, which allows owners to instantly publish their intelligent Avatars into websites, auctions, etc. Acting as a virtual consultant, sales agent or support assistant, every Avatou can be managed online by its owner through an easy to use administration panel which allows for creating, changing, managing and improving the Avatar appearances and behaviors on your website.

InteliWISE AVATOU features outstanding multimedia capabilities, allowing owners to manage the visual, by fully customizing the "Look&Appearance" of their Avatars thanks to the Video Stream interface and voice, thanks to the voice synthesis with advanced T2S technology. Backed by the InteliWISE ENGINE, a hybrid of semantic web, self-organized and multi-layer artificial neural net structures, the Avatou will "understand" your web site visitors in their own language patterns creating the most interactive form or communication, so missed on the Internet: the Dialog.

The functionality of the InteliWISE AVATOU for SMB is practically unlimited – it can welcome visitors, offering them help to find the right information or product; talk to your clients informing on new products or services; assist your customers solve their queries in the most friendly way; help clients make online reservation; assist and instruct them to find the most suitable solution or information; authorize client’s access to their bank account; deliver the right content and information to online visitors, and many more.

Here’s how your cartoon Avatou may look like; for the video versions – see for yourselves :)

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