Intelligent Avatar in Second Life

InteliWISE Second Life bot from Making Waves on Vimeo.

On January 23rd, 2008, InteliWISE introduced into Second Life the first intelligent avatar which is able to talk with other Residents. The Polish engineers were the first in the world to offer such a solution to SL users. The first intelligent avatar in the InteliWISE seat in Second Life was created in cooperation with the Making Waves company.

"If a 'real' employee leaves the virtual world, their avatar does so too – that's how it was in Second Life until now. Because of this fact, the seats of many companies, embassies or even whole cities are empty if one visits them during their creators' sleeping hours. At InteliWISE we have created an avatar – a virtual employee, which never sleeps, and thanks to AI algorithms and its 'learning' process, the virtual employee can talk to hundreds of clients at the same time" - says Marcin StrzaƂkowski, InteliWISE CEO. "Our virtual employee is directed at the companies and institution which want to present themselves in the best possible way in Second Life. This is a revolutionary solution, and has a great impact on service quality – companies which use the avatar are able to fully control a conversation. Thanks to this, companies can easily fill in gaps in their information about clients and gain valuable knowledge about which questions are most frequently asked to the virtual agents."

The InteliWISE solution is directed at the companies, cities and consultants who have an alter ego in Second Life. Thanks to the employment of AI by the avatar, it is possible for the company to fully represent itself, even after its "real" working hours. The creators of the intelligent avatar hope, that due to its constant presence and professional manner, it will also convince individual Second Lifers to use InteliWISE avatars. The solution makes it possible to search the chat history and check the actual interest shown in offered products and services.

The enterprise is innovative on a worldwide scale, therefore, the algorithms and solutions have been presented for a patent application a.o. in the USA. InteliWISE is the first company in the world, to have combined in one AI algorithms, speech synthesis and 3D character visualization to create an avatar that looks and moves like a human being. From the point of view of companies who care about optimum self-presentation in Second Life, it is important that InteliWISE prepares the whole product “from A to Z”, creating the employee's look, adding voice, and most importanantly – teaching it what to talk about. As Second Life is visited by the international community, the intelligent avatar speaks English, but there is no difficulty to make it speak Polish as well.

One can visit and talk to the avatar at the virtual InteliWISE seat in Second Life at www.secondlife.inteliwise.com. Teleportation is possible only for those who have an account in Second Life.

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