Will iLearning replace eLearning?

A combination of eLearning and Artificial Intelligence – this is what uMind, a company specializing in the delivery of a patented, second-generation eLearning software, gives you. Their iLearning technology understands and responds to the human learning process.

uMind will deliver two pioneering platforms that teach rather than simply deploy content. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, uSim and uLearn estimate, control and anticipate the learner’s behavior, providing him with relevant, adapted feedback in real-time. But that’s not all – uMind created a solution to one of the most significant weaknesses associated with distance learning: the absence of interaction between the learner and the instructor that normally intervenes inside the framework of a classroom. Her name is Aimy.

Aimy is an AI-enhanced technology that behaves like a virtual instructor. This advanced technology builds and modifies the learning path in real-time, and generates various pedagogical strategies according to the learner’s needs. Aimy will assist and prompt the learner throughout the course, correct skill gaps, assess the learner’s cognitive/emotional profile and customize the course according to it. Oh, and just look at her. Isn’t she the teacher you always dreamt of?

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