Can writing software make you a Nobel Prize winner?

While writing an official email, a short story, speech, medical presentation or business plan, have you ever wished your written English was more sophisticated? Well, wave your troubles goodbye and say hello to the new writing software, which not only checks spelling and grammar but comes up with the word you are looking for when trying to finesse a legal form, a piece of creative writing or even a love letter. This innovative, patent-pending technology is said to be suitable for native and non-native English speakers alike. WhiteSmoke software will "take your writing from simple to sophisticated" and "turn prosaic dunces into lyrical poets". Sounds promising.

And now imagine that a mediocre writer improves the style of his prose thanks to this innovative software, becomes successful and awarded. Or that politicians who normally struggle to explain themselves in plain English suddenly start to give nice speeches written well in advance. Such situations are, for now, hypothetical but not that hard to imagine, and show that intelligent technologies are, at least sometimes, a real key to success...

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