Will getting a job depend on using a proper avatar?

Job interviews in Second Life are growing more prevalent as screening tools before companies bring candidates in for final, face-to-face interviews. This tendency is likely to grow as interviewing prospective job candidates online is a lot cheaper than many real-world meetings. It also reveals more about a candidate than they may realize. This means that if you have an interview is Second Life, you should choose your avatar very carefully because it can give potential employers clues about you. Apparently, your avatar can impact whether or not you get a job.

Companies use cues from avatars when screening job candidates in virtual worlds, and what your avatar looks like can impact your chances to land the position you want. Interviewers are judging your avatar by its dress and actions just as surely as they would judge you in real life. So when you head into Second Life for a job interview, select your avatar just as carefully as you would choose your clothes for a face-to-face meeting. Remember that your choice of an avatar and its mannerisms represent you.

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