InteliWISE awarded for avatars

InteliWISE AVATAR – the flagship product of a renowned Polish company InteliWISE - was awarded a medal in the INNOVATION 2007 Competition during the Industrial Technology, Science and Innovation Fair, organized by Gdansk International Fair Co. The company was also awarded a special prize, the Cup from the President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, in recognition of its solutions presented there. The InteliWISE show box, where InteliWISE STAND and InteliWISE AVATAR were presented, drew the attention of many visitors.

InteliWISE provides innovative AI solutions, aiming to support on-line transactions and friendly customer care. Making use of intelligent technologies, the company supports on line customer service, search of information and boosts e-marketing. The InteliWISE AVATAR - one of the world's most advanced "virtual human" applications - a virtual advisor allowing for "almost natural" contact between Web user and the Web site. InteliAssistant is basing on a multi-source knowledge base and Natural Language Processing, which allows it to recognize user's commands written in natural language. The interactivity of the Assistant is supported by multimedia: dynamic animation and multi language speech synthesis. This virtual agent can be easily added-on to your company or personal Web Site within one day and then customized to the company's needs and Web Site content.

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