Avatars can inhabit your First Life too

You’re a high-tech maniac and want to move into a new house? A house where, say, any relevant events that may have happened are announced and summarized on a huge plasma TV as well as on 8 wireless PC tablets that are located throughout the place? Here’s something suitable for you...

Imagine a 4,500 sq. ft. house that takes home automation to a whole other level using a combination of a home control system, audio distribution system, home lighting system, and a security system. This complex system is all tied together with a really attractive electronic butler who’s name is Cleopatra. She is a voice activated avatar who, according to Brian Conte, the owner of this Seattle-area house, “provides a home personality and a friendly interface to the home’s automation system”.

Cleopatra appears on a 42-inch Panasonic plasma screen that faces the front door, but can also roam throughout the house, appearing on other screens and numerous wireless PC tablets. She gives status reports on the home’s electronic systems, greets everyone by name, shows pictures of people who have approached the front door throughout the day, announces missed phone calls, voice-mails, package deliveries, stock quotes, news, and even weather. Microphones built into the home’s ceilings allow the inhabitants to interact with Cleopatra by requesting information and controlling any aspect of the house. The system also keeps track of how many people are in each room, so that it can intelligently adjust the lights, music and ventilation in order to maximize overall comfort in your home.

Oh, by the way, if you’re still not convinced whether you should start saving money for a similar house: Cleopatra resembles Angelina Jolie...

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