Avatars and Web 2.0

What if we combined an avatar with community trends on the Internet and started taking advantage of the Internet users’ intelligence instead of artificial intelligence?

This is what it could look like in practice...

We launch an avatar, whose knowledge, intelligence and behavior is a mean reaction of all Internet users currently logged on to a Web 2.0 community website operating our avatar. Talking to the avatar, we would talk to someone representative of a particular social group and could access their psychological profile. If we were able to create avatars representing age or occupational groups, such type of a project could be used for interesting sociological research.

Where’s the technology in it?
Proper software would allow the avatar to immediately analyze hundreds or thousands of net surfers’ answers to a question asked to the avatar and – basing on these answers – to create an utterance which would be both the most adequate to the question and representative of a given social group.

Marketers surveying opinions on a given brand would be delighted, being able to talk in this way with a great number of people – actual or potential clients of the brand – at the same time...

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