Avatar politics in Second Life

Will wee soon witness waging political campaigns in virtual worlds like Second Life?

Former Virginia governor (and rumored 2008 presidential candidate) Mark Warner already has an avatar in SL, which last year was even interviewed in front of Second Lifers’ eyes. The governor’s virtual appearance prompted a heated debate whether it was a shrewd move and raised a question: should politicians dabble in the gaming realm at all? Well, they do seem to find virtual space a good place for political marketing.

On the other hand, for politicians present in Second Life not all is sweetness and light. As MarketingVOX reports, clashes between political opponents are common here. The virtual office of U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards was vandalized. As far as we know, nobody was harmed - and what if that happened in the real world? Maybe being a virtual politician with a virtual office is not a bad idea after all...

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