Robotic baby for human parents?

Where can you see probably the vastest range of all kinds of robots gathered in one place? The answer is: at the International Robot Exhibition held in, of course, Japan. During this year’s edition, one of the most exciting items was a baby robot, which cried and burped. But if you think that the robot was made as a toy for kids, you’re wrong.

The robo-baby is supposed to help teach students and future parents how to care for infants. Kaoru Nukui of Yamazaki Co, an educational goods company, is convinced that such help would be very useful, especially given the fact that the number of births in the Japanese society is constantly decreasing. "The way students would touch a baby would be completely different once they have looked, touched, and experienced this 'baby'", he said. In other words – baby robot can teach you, how to be a mother, even if you’re in fact a dad. During the Exhibition men could experience breast feeding, simply by putting a nipple-like sensor on their chests. But, as you can see in the picture, the baby robot wasn't very pleased about that...

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